About Us

The inspiration for Dynamic Piano came from the teaching methods of Philip Lancaster and Marcia Bench, some of the instructors at Heritage Music School, who saw the need for a better curriculum to fit the needs of families and individuals who are trying to learn by ear. Their goal was to provide a high quality, Christian-based course that would be an inspiring and wholesome learning process.

Philip and Marcia have more than 35 years of combined teaching experience and their methods have been employed and refined on scores of students over the last 2 decades with very good results.  They also regularly play in live settings and know the wide range of skills and styles needed to provide well-rounded instruction to all students, young and old alike.

The play-along tracks in this course were recorded by the same band of teachers and their fellow musicians who have played music together for more than 20 years. Music albums produced by the same musicians are available for purchase at www.heritageministriesmusic.com.

Our annual Homestead Fair (held Thanksgiving weekend each November) offers an opportunity for our community’s students, who have learned from these teaching methods to come together and make wonderful music for all to enjoy.