Dynamic Piano Training Course

Dynamic Piano is an excellent ear-training piano/keyboard curriculum.  Each unit employs DVD instruction recorded in HD quality, along with over 60 play-along and listening tracks performed by a real band.

Click to view our sample videos

Click to view our sample videos


Starting at the beginning, this course methodically goes through learning and understanding melodies, chord structures, bass lines, rhythm patterns, key centers and more while the student learns all the main elements of solo style and accompaniment style piano playing. A wealth of great Christian traditional and contemporary music, along with many original compositions and chord progressions makes for an inspiring learning process.  The reference/workbook contains music, diagrams, short quizzes and listening exercises to help the student understand how music is structured.




Playing by ear is the natural way to learn music!

  • Ideal for ages 8 to 16. However, adults would enjoy this as well and even younger children could use this with a little supervision from a parent.
  • Fully graded curriculum takes the student step by step through learning to play the piano by ear.
  • Learn at your own pace.
  • Instructional DVDs, play-along CDs, and comprehensive reference/workbook provide all the material you need.
  • Many play-along and listening tracks recorded by a real band both with and without the student’s part.
  • Avoid the costs of paying for individual lessons. (This course averages out to about $6.00 per lesson and you can use it as many times as you want!)
  • Since the student will learn not only how to play music, but also how music is structured and how it works, he will then have the knowledge necessary to compose his own music.
  • Fully supported web site and email for discussions and answers to questions.
  • Introductory Lesson – $8.00
  • Intro + Unit 1 (11 lessons) – $59.00
  • Unit 1 only (10 lessons) – $55.00
  • Unit 2 (10 lessons) – $59.00
  • Intro + Units 1 & 2 – $99.00 (best deal!)
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